You’re halfway to having your very own 1 year old…crazy how time flies, isn’t it?

By now, your little one is able to manipulate their hands, and can not only pick up objects that catch their eye, but pass them between hands as well!

Your baby has also become a little rolling machine, and is enjoying every bit of their new found freedom, so keep an eye on them at all times!

Check out these helpful links for more on your 6 month old’s developments!

  • Stimulate their senses
    Make sure you have a variety of objects around that your baby can touch, squeeze, mouth, and manipulate in their hands!
  • Story Time is a Treat
    Story time will now become more entertaining for both of you, as you can observe your baby becoming more engaged in stories and the pictures in your books!
  • Start Connecting Sounds With Source
    Your baby has found some favourite “consonant-vowel” combos they say over and over again! Start associating them with sources, such as “The Sheep Says Baaaa”, or “The Goat Says Maaaa”.
  • Watch your tone!
    Your baby is much more observant of tone of voice, so make sure that if you are angry or frustrated, you take some time to calm down. Your child will pick up on your feelings, and it may upset them as well.
  • Follow The Leader
    Your 6 month old will love to take turns making sounds or hand gestures, so start by following their lead, then see if they can copy you!
  • Craving Attention
    At 6 months, your baby is learning the difference between when people are paying attention to them, and when they are not. They crave attention at this age, and will begin to act out to get it if they are not getting enough!
  • Interactive Songs
    Watch as your baby tries to follow along with your gestures using their hands, and sometimes facial expression!
  • Sleep Training
    Maintaining a regular sleep schedule and bedtime routine will help in the coming months where new mental and physical developments will show up daily!
  • Teething
    Most babies will have teething in full swing by 6 months. Use these tips to help soothe baby’s gums and help them through the discomfort it can cause.
  • Starting Solids
    At 6 months you can start introducing solid foods into your little one’s diet.

Is your baby on the move?  How cute is their face when they discover they have a brand new trick!