When we were little, swimming lessons were almost like a rite of passage. It’s something we looked forward to and enjoyed. We’d go to school and brag about our new certificate or medal. One reason for this was that there wasn’t much else to do. Swimming lessons were something different and special; there might even be a special dinner afterward. To an extent, swimming lessons are still something that is looked forward to and enjoyed, but, our children have so much more going on. There are groups and activities every day, and even very young children have their own tablets. However, swimming lessons are still incredibly valuable.

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To Keep Them Safe

Swimming is a life skill. Learning to swim will lower their risks of drowning both in childhood and later life. As they start to get older and they want to play alone in the pool on holiday or go paddling in the sea, you’ll feel more confident knowing they are a strong swimmer who is unlikely to get into trouble in the water.

It can also be useful if you ever have another child. Taking two kids who can’t swim is difficult. If the older one is a strong swimmer, they can help with their sibling and even teach them some skills.

To Build Strength and Stamina

Swimming is a great all over exercise. It works their core muscles as well as their arms and legs. Building all over strength which can be useful in everyday life. It will also improve their stamina, helping to keep them fit and healthy as they get older.

Now children spend so much time sitting down playing on screens, it’s important to take any opportunity to keep them active and get them out of the house.

To Encourage Learning

When kids first start school, learning in a more formal school setting can come as a shock. Exposing them to as many different types of learning as possible can help them adapt. Kids who exercise more are also generally more alert and have a longer attention span so their swimming lessons could actually help them to succeed at school.

To Promote Team Work

Swimming isn’t like other sports which are either team or individual. Swimming can be both. In lessons at a swim school, they will learn to swim with and be respectful of other swimmers, while also focusing on their own movements. As they get older, they will have the option to use these skills to swim as part of a team, entering competitions if they wish.

It’s Fun

Perhaps the most important reason to encourage your child to swim. It’s good fun. In this world of over reliance on technology, it’s good to remind them that they can have a good time without a screen, merely enjoying an activity. Outside of lessons, take them swimming when you can and enjoy spending time having fun together. Swimming doesn’t have to be serious of competitive, as long as they are safe, it can just be fun.

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Swimming is a wonderful way to add some activity to your child’s life as well as being something you can all do together as part of a great day out. You never know, your childrens swimming lessons might encourage your whole family to be more active.