Your baby is creeping up on 5 months old, and the milestones are coming at you fast and furious!

By now, your baby is becoming more “sturdy”, and able to sit (sometimes without assistance, but always with you close by in case of a fall!), and lift their head and shoulders easily off the floor when on their stomach.

They also will find a few sounds they really like to make, and will repeat them again, and again, and again…earplugs can come in handy at this point!

Check out these helpful links to learn more about supporting your 5 month old’s development!

  • Are you sick of Tummy Time yet?
    Yes, tummy time is still an important part of your child’s day! Until they are mobile, this is the main way they are able to build muscle strength, so keep it as a part of your daily routine for now!
  • Practice New Sounds
    As your child finds their favourite sounds and perfects them, try to introduce new sounds into the mix!
  • Calm is key!
    Don’t forget to take some time out for yourself, as your child is starting to become busier by the second! It can feel like you might lose your mind listening to the same sounds again and again, and trying to find balance between encouraging development while protecting your from child getting hurt. Take some time for yourself every so often to make sure you are able to be the best Mom you can when you return!
  • Feeding time is quality time!
    While your baby can probably hold their own bottle at this point, don’t sit them up and hand over the reins just yet! Use feeding time as quality time where you can cuddle and bind with your baby!
  • Activities
    Your baby is beginning to learn about cause and effect with their actions (ie. I drop this on the floor, you pick it up!). Try and introduce activities that encourage this learning, instead of having to constantly be picking up toys from the floor to demonstrate the same thing!
  • I see you!
    Little hide and seek games can be lots of fun at this point as your child learns to spot smaller objects, and may even be able to identify an item while only seeing part of it! Hiding a soft toy behind a few blocks with part of it left visible is a great way to practice this new skill!
  • Tracking Sounds
    Your little one can easily turn their head toward sounds that get their attention at this point, so try moving around the room and jingling a set of keys or wind chimes until they spot you!
  • Simple Distractions
    Use some of these interactive songs to easily distract your baby when they start getting a little fussy!
  • Books to read
    Your baby probably is starting to show preference to certain books you’ve been reading. This can also be a great time to introduce some new ones so they can enjoy some new pictures!
  • Sleep Schedule
    As your little one is more aware of their feelings, and surroundings, this is a great time to start really honing in on a sleep schedule that works for you and your baby!
  • New Foods (Optional!)
    Some children may be starting to show interest in the other foods around the table. If you feel your child might be ready, this can be a good time to start introducing some simple purees like apple, or sweet potato!

How much do you love watching your babies personality start to show!  Let us know what’s made you laugh with your bub this month.


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