Routine sets you free…

It’s a phrase that was used frequently back in my former business life. I’m a believer that routines should be followed loosely, so they work for you.


We’re not super diligent or strict about routine, but we do follow one loosely and after 8 months, we are well aware that a day on our time and the routine is out the window means at least one day of an out of sorts baby… so we really question is the gain worth the pain?

Here’s a few sites that I’ve found to have the more popular routines….

  1. Baby Bliss – Jo Ryan

There is some free reading on the BabyBliss website and you can download the routines for each stage of your babies development or buy the book.
Here Jo Ryan talks about Becoming your own baby whisperer with baby routines

  1. Save our Sleep – Tizzie Hall

Like BabyBliss there is some free reading on the Save our Sleep site – like this article on starting routines

Or you can buy the book or individual PDF’s for babies various ages:

  1. Here’s an interesting combo of tips from Parents Magazine – Routines for a happy Baby
  1. This one I really like the name of this routine E.A.S.Y from the Baby Whisperer – Tracy Hogg – Eat, Activity, Sleep, Your time.
    We found this handy one page cheat sheet that outlines each of the routines (and it’s free) from Noob Mommy
  1. Raising Children has some great information. This page outlines a basic routine Feed, Play, Sleep and also has a great video of different settling tips

My biggest wish for all new parents, is you get a good sleeper. Start as you intend to go on…. Babies get bigger and heavier. From my personal experience, rocking my tiny newborn was a delicious and divine experience as you watch the crying stop and those sweet little eyelids get heavier and heavier. The upside of this at 10kgs is you’ll have great toned arms!

Let us know, what routines have worked for you?