The first six months of your baby’s life can be the toughest as a new parent. You’re still getting to know each other and your little one is learning all about the world. It’s the time when you’ll see your baby develop the quickest and just as you think you’ve cracked life as Mum, your baby will change again. Here are five essentials to get you through.

A Co-Sleeper

A co-sleeper crib will be invaluable during the first six months. It’s recommended that baby sleep in the same room as parents for the first six months. Not only because it’s likely your baby will wake throughout the night for feeds during most of this time, but it can also help young babies breathe better when they hear their own parents breathe throughout the night, and it can prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Having a co-sleeper will save you from getting out of bed every time you need to pick baby up throughout the night.

Carrier or Sling

It’s difficult to get everything done when you’ve got a newborn to look after. You may be told to leave the washing and the dishes and sleep when baby sleeps, but that advice can be unrealistic after a while. You’ll also have days where baby may be unwell or teething and will refuse to be put down. On days like this, a baby carrier can be a godsend. It’s a great way to have baby sleep peacefully in your arms while getting your chores done at the same time.


A Changing Table

Before becoming a mum, it’s easy to assume that a changing table isn’t really a necessity. However, once you realise how often baby has to be changed and how often your back will ache from getting up and down off the floor, you’ll wish you invested in a changing table. Before babies are able to move around too much, having a changing table at your own height will make life a lot easier.

A Cot Mobile

How important can a cot mobile be, right? Turns out, very. In the early days, when you only have a limited amount of time to do things for yourself, like visit the toilet or grab a sandwich, a cot mobile could be one of the only things that keeps your little one entertained. Putting your baby down in a crib with a cot mobile on for entertainment, means you can safely leave the room, without worrying about leaving your baby in a bouncer (or something similar) unsupervised.



Even if you intend on breastfeeding, it’s likely you’ll need to express into bottles at some point. Even breastfeeding mums come to a point where they wean their babies onto formula so they’re babies aren’t clung to them all day. You’ll find that you go through bottle after bottle so having a steriliser to hand that can take one more job off your list is a great help.

Each baby and mum is different, so find things that work for you.

Cover Image: Pixabay


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