Four months have come and gone. Baby is sleeping longer and feeding less, which means you get to feel less like a 24 hour milk machine, and more like a Mum!

Your little one is more aware of their surroundings, and can get distracted easily, which at this age can be both entertaining and frustrating (depending on what you’re doing)!

They can also roll in order to get to those attractive things that are getting their attention, so a little more baby proofing may be in order?

Check out these links for some helpful tips and tricks to keep your 4 month old’s development on track!

  • Tricks For Peaceful Feeding
    Now that your baby is more alert and aware, it can be harder to keep them focused on feeding. Use some of these tips to make sure feeding is peaceful, and your baby winds up with a nice full belly!
  • Eating “Real” Foods!
    Introducing purees into your baby’s diet is really exciting, just be sure to not go recipe happy, and keep it simple to start!
  • Playing Alone
    Your baby is starting to be able to entertain themselves…encourage this independent play!
  • Copycat
    Playing mirroring games is hugely beneficial at this stage, especially when it comes to mimicking sound!
  • Reading
    Check out some of the best books to read to your 4 month old!
  • Singing Songs
    Singing is a fabulous activity at this age as your baby has begun using their voice with purpose, and may try and sing along!
  • Fun and Games
    Try some of these fun activities to keep the development train rolling!
  • Taste Testing Safety
    Now that your little one can reach out and grab something interesting to them, the next place it goes is in their mouth! Make sure what they are tasting is safe and chemical free!
  • Playing With Others
    Your child’s getting a little more picky with who they “click” with, so encourage social interaction, but don’t force it. Give them a chance to adapt to new people and situations beforehand.
  • Teething
    Well, it was bound to happen! Check out these tips to help your little one through this trying time, and help the whole family get a bit of sleep!
  • Colours
    Your child will probably start showing preference to certain colours at this point (mainly primary colours), so encourage them to explore the differences by incorporating solid coloured blocks or balls in play time (these ones are perfect as they are safe to put in their mouths as well…which you know they will!).

I’ll always remember a mum saying to me that around the 4 month mark, my baby will become more like a little buddy to hang out with.  She was right!  This is where the fun really begins.

Let us know, whats your little one up too?


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