A couple of months before my son turned one I had a couple of people casually mention they were doing an online course that they found fascinating.  Being ready to learn something other than baby sleep, feeding and bodily functions.

Would I have actively looked for a course on low tox living?  Probably not, but it sounded interesting, I was ready to stretch my brain and this one came with the added bonus that I’d learn some things to make better choices, so I jumped in and I’m so glad I did!

It was such an eye opener for me that I feel compelled to at least tell you it’s coming up again, in case it’s something of interest to you.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll see I love a 30 day challenge or focus session.  I always find it amazing how much you can achieve in 30 days by chunking information down to sizes that are easy and enjoyable to process and discover.  My partner and I are in the middle of a personal challenge to increase our energy and health right now.  Day 16 of no coffee and no booze.  I admit, I have cheated on a number of occasions, but I do feel better already!

Anyway, go low tox ….  two words…. GAME CHANGER



I’d started to look at cleaning alternatives, I already used enjo cleaning cloths, but wanted something to remove more germs as I watched everything go into my sons mouth. I also felt weird spraying a chemical disinfectant on his toys and high chair, it just didn’t sit well with me.

A friend had told me enough information to make me want to do my own research on hormone disrupters. These hormone disrupters contribute to early puberty, low sperm counts, elevated risk of breast cancer and reproductive cancer, endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome.  Eeeek, I have a son and felt responsible for making sure my little man will be able to breed.

It’s an e-course so I could read it on my phone throughout the day, which suited me.  I got so into it, it was the first thing I’d check for in the morning.  The month became like a cool game, each day focused on a different topic or area of your home.  That made it easy to learn new information and then make some small and immediate changes at sometime in that day.

The course had a bunch of interviews and videos that I watched with my partner.  Really cool to have something other than baby to chat about and discuss.

Click on through to Alexx Stuarts website to read all about the detail of the course.

I feel super empowered now to make better healthier choices for my family. Since doing the course I have switched out our cleaning, bathroom and beauty products.  Installed a water filter – that just went in this week and I NEVER thought I would be so excited about something like filter!  I’ve learnt about plastics and what the numbers mean and bought my son some less toxic drink bottles, bowls and food storage stuff.  I store our food differently and am aware of which pots and pans are better to use.  It’s a slow process, but cool to know the choices I make are long term and lasting.  There are a bunch more small things, but they seem trivial and you’ll work it out as you go through the program.

The other thing I loved is that as I shifted focus to different areas of our home, it gave me a chance to declutter and clean up at the same time.  It was just the thing I needed to give me a starting point.

I’m a low tox lifer and encourage you to check it out and see if it’s something that is interesting to you.

Click here to find out more and register!

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Let me know if you do it!  Here’s to a better future for our babies x



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