OK I’m not sure if I’m feeling really excited or really silly for saying yes to this challenge!  Time will tell, either way I’ve decided to do a blog series on the journey.

I can no longer use the excuse of “I have a baby” to avoid getting back into shape, goodness knows I really did stretch it out!  I have a friend who has been trying to get me to get healthy and exercise with her for almost 2 years.  I have always had an excuse, the first bit was easy – I was reasonably pregnant and she is a gold medal olympian, no pressure right!  Then I had the reason of not being able to fit it in with the baby’s routine, then I was just too tired (and still you’re an elite athlete and I AM NOT!) and then too busy trying to work and be a stay at home mum, then I started the blog and that used all my possible exercise time…. any way you get the picture!  Excuses!

I am still tired and busy (and freaking out about working out with an elite athlete – sheesh!) BUT I am also now over it and ready to do something to feel like the old energetic, happy me.

Three Reasons I’m doing something about it:

  1. I’m tired of being tired, of feeling off my game and just not right.  You know when your insides feel cloggy, I can assure you it is from the last year of eating a croissant and coffee for breakfast every morning and grabbing things on the run. Yes I know better, but baby in one hand, I never prioritised my food choices. A basic multi vitamin isn’t giving me the energy I need or want.
  2. Its almost summer and I want to look and feel good in a bikini again.  It’s been two summers – one with an early pregnancy bump – where you don’t look pregnant yet and one with a fresh baby belly.
  3. My son is walking/running and I want to have the energy, health and fitness to be a fun mum and play with him. I also don’t want to feel self conscious in swimwear at his swimming lessons or at the beach

So the challenge is on!

  1. I’m doing an online program to better educate myself on real food and making the best choices I can.
  2. I’m committed to walking at least once a week with my friend.
  3. I’m going to detox and be super healthy and eat clean for 30 days – starting on Tuesday.  It’s a long weekend here, the weather is amazing and there is a jazz festival on as well as a hens night for one of the gorgeous mums in my mums group and we will be drinking wine…. at all of the events!  So Tuesday is as good a day as any, I’m a big believer in empowering yourself and I know that if I feel deprived or that I am missing out, I will cheat faster than you can say Fatso!
  4. I’ve joined my friend for 30 days – she set up a closed group for a bunch of us for the duration of the challenge.
  5. The best bit, my gorgeous man is getting into it with me, he’ll work with her hubby so we both have someone to keep us on track.  I’m genuinely excited about that.  We’re taking slightly different approaches as I’m still breastfeeding and will have a pram attached most of the time.  I’m claiming the hashtag #dadbodtoradbod and I don’t have anything catchy for my version yet!  Open to your suggestions.

My beautiful and crazy fit friend is encouraging us to take before and after photos and share them here for accountability.  I’m not that brave yet and figure you don’t need to see that, but I will share that I am really looking forward to the end of the 30 days because I know how much better I’ll feel.

Stay Tuned, if you’re up for a challenge let me know! I’d love for people to share their experiences and inspire each other.

PS… at no time do I intend to run with a pram while eating an apple, stock images crack me up! Seriously, get a smoothie or juice and relax to enjoy it!

My heart is in my throat hitting publish on this!  I hope I’ve got it in me!

Update: We smashed it!  Mr lost more than 7kgs and I lost 5, we both had loads more energy and 5 months on, the weight is still off.  Such a ridiculously easy lifestyle shift.  Message me if you’d love some details or want to give it a go.  OK end of rave!  But seriously… so good!


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