A few people have asked for details of the 30 day mind body challenge that I’m doing with my man so I thought I’d get all the info together and pop it here – I’ve back dated it, so it’s just for people who are interested.  I pulled this info together on Oct 3rd.  Because it’s a bunch of friends and friends of friends there is nothing formal online.

We’re based in Manly, NSW so the workouts with our friends are local.  They’re doing runs/walks, boxing and yoga each week which are all included.  We’ll be doing some of the sessions, so we can take turns looking after our son.  Someone will probably walk (me) or run (my man) with the pram while the boxing or yoga is on.  There are also online at home or in the gym programs that Kerri’s PTs have designed for those not in Manly.

Here’s more details of what we’ve signed up from my friend, Kerri:

✔ World Class online “live” Goal Setting session with Olympic Gold Medallist, Kerri Pottharst

✔ 5 x Weekly coaching calls to keep you on track and tackle any questions that come up

✔ Complete “at home” OR “in the gym” fitness training program (with Nicky Jankovic) and daily support from all our PTs

✔ Full nutritional system of 60+ MEALS delivered to your door, as well as other meal and snack ideas

✔ Daily support from our experts in Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset in our closed Facebook group

The nutritional program we use is Isagenix. I’ve been on it for 12mths+ and husband Max, too!!

Here’s a link to a video from a lady in the States. It’s not the official site, but it explains what the cleanse is all about. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAaDpBvR-n8

Here’s the official site with quick videos to look at and product details http://www.isagenix.com/en-AU/Isamovie#cat=weightLoss&vid=HguIoN7AcY0

Around the cleanse, we have packaged up the program to offer amazing support.

What are your personal goals?


She also sent me this info before I put pen to paper around cleansing and the shakes which I found interesting and having seen her husbands results, I was interested in the product and asked her:

As promised, here’s the info on Isagenix and how we can help you achieve your Health and Wellness goals…

I love this video, which explains why we need to cleanse – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAaDpBvR-n8 She’s a yoga teacher and PT from the states. 

It’s not the official site, that’s here – http://www.isagenix.com/en-AU/Isamovie#cat=weightLoss&vid=HguIoN7AcY0

From this video, you can then have a look around…

I’ve attached a visual of what’s in the shakes. The entire system of Isagenix is the most substantial source of nutrition you can get on the planet!

Isagenix is basically an all natural, gluten free nutritional cleansing system that floods the body with vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants. The awesome side effect of having a body that’s cleansed, repaired and replenished is weight loss, more energy, better sleep and greater focus.

I great analogy is a dirty vacuum cleaner. When the cleaner is full of dust and dirt, it simply doesn’t work as well. As soon as it’s emptied and cleaned out, it works a whole lot better. And, that’s what Isagenix does to our bodies.

(Don’t worry, it’s not the type of cleanse that you have to be near a toilet! Ha Ha. It’s a gentle, nutritional cleanse.)

The Isagenix system is suitable for everyone, young, old, big, small, those wanting more energy, better sleep, better focus, less stress, weight loss, lean muscle building and a body that simply does what it’s supposed to!

I’ve been using the products since last year and will use them for life. I absolutely love that I can cleanse at any time now. When I feel a bit blah or I’ve over indulged. I started with the full cleanse, which I recommend is the best way to do it. From there you use the products that you love, when you like. It’s up to you and how you feel.





Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 4.54.34 pm

The Pics are Kerri’s husband Max – who is a crack up.  Her friend Nicole who’s photos are 5 months apart and Kerri’s friend Manuela.

I kept saying no to the exercise and shakes because I was concerned what was in them.  I’ve since done my own research and kind of wish I said yes sooner.  I’ve been making my own blends of smoothies and taking fabfol or elevit and vitamin c, this looks loads easier and quicker.  Time will tell, which is better but we had to give it a go!  My bestie has also done it and raved about it, she has 3 girls and said it’s the best she has felt in years.  All people I trust and have seen the results personally.

So, My man is doing the Isagenix Shakes and I’ve been seeing a chinese herbalist for a while and am going to see that out and make my own shakes for the month – mostly because I can share them with our little boy for breakfast – and I can’t justify throwing out a bunch of stuff I’ve already paid for.  I’m also working hard to find some great clean eating recipes and snacks for us all.  The Isagenix shakes seem to be a bit more balanced than my “chuck it all in and blend” approach.  Again – time will tell! Love a bit of healthy competition to see which plan works best.

Let me know if you’d like to chat with Kerri and we can make a time to chat – I don’t have any answers yet as we’re only starting on Tuesday 7th October!

Come and play!  I’d love some more mums and dads of younger babies/toddlers to get involved, our challenges can be a bit different to most peoples so it would be really cool.

In addition to this I’m working through Alexx Stuarts real food rockstars course.  I’d signed up to that a while ago and am using it to understand how to make better choices with our food.

I’m a bit nervous, but also looking forward to it! I’m allowing myself a day off for my friends wedding and another for my Dad’s brithday in a couple of weeks!  I’m taking the 90% is good enough line, much to Kerri’s frustration, but I was never going to have a clear calendar and just decided nows the time.

Email or PM me if you are interested to find out more or get involved and join in!

*Update – 7th of October… The BIG box of goodies arrived for my man, I’m a bit jealous and want to do it myself so bad!  The kit came with a blender that ticks off all my low tox boxes of BPA free and no Pthalates, so I’m really pleased with that surprise!  We’re one shake in….  I’m starving, my man is doing fine!  I might need to add some protein powder to my shakes to get me through.  On the clean up…. I managed to make a mess of the entire kitchen mixing up my concoction of frozen fruit, nuts, seeds, superfood powders, yoghurt and milk.  He just filled his blender with water and gave it a whizz and it was clean….  Thankfully he is cleaning up my mess as well! Love him!


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