Architecture is one of the leading industries in the world. Unsurprisingly, it is not only susceptible to fashion and trends, but it is also often a trendsetter. Architects always consider how styles are shifting with the times. Today, the focus is firmly on style, luxury, and comfort. Furthermore, people are interested in sustainability as well.

An excellent building renovation service at all times stays in line with these developments as well. After all, not everybody can construct a brand-new home from scratch. Hence, let’s take a look at the top three trends in Australian architecture for 2017, which are also incorporated in renovations.

  1. The Digital Detox

Because everything in the world is now digital, some people have started to feel overwhelmed. The result is that digital detox is an essential area of focus today. The average person now wants to come home and have a break from modernity. This, in no way, means that they want to go back to analog. Rather, it is a return to the simplistic designs of the 1950s, focusing on both form and function in a raw way, rather than looking lavish and elaborate. Some of the key materials include concrete, wood, and cork, and colors have dulled down. Metallic accents, browns, and grays are hip again. Some people also want to have technology-free rooms, where the family can spend time together in a more traditional manner.


  1. Connected Homes

While the digital detox is in full swing, people also want to be connected. Many pieces of connected home gadgets help us live more comfortable lives. The internet has made everything more convenient, making both luxury and comfort increasingly accessible. Thanks to various smart home devices, such as smart fridges and smart locks, people access the main advantages of the digital revolution, while still having the opportunity to detox from their devices. It is likely that smart heating, minimalist smart technology, and voice-controlled radiators will be incorporated in most modern Australian homes.

  1. Bringing the Outside Inside

One final thing that people are looking for is becoming more at one with nature again. The result of this is that home designs now focus on bringing the outside inside. Nature is both relaxing and healing, two feelings that people want to have inside their property. As humans, we want to reconnect with the planet around us, while at the same time having a focus on sustainability. Going green matters from home building technology to children’s nappies, something that home designers have incorporated. Things such as green rooms, roof gardens, and elaborate spaces that bring the garden inside are now common in properties. Examples such as South Korea’s Seoul Sky Garden Project and the New York High Line 2009 elevated park have been tremendous inspirations.

It seems that the key trends in home development and renovation are all about being more human again, regarding social connections and attachment to nature. At the same time, people want to continue to benefit from technological advances. Finding the balance between those fundamental issues is perhaps the greatest challenge in architecture today.

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