Can you believe it, it’s been a quarter of a year since your little bundle arrived!

While it probably feels like yesterday, a lot has happened in your little one’s development in that time!

At 3 months old, your baby is starting to be able to pick you out from others, and reacts in excitement when they see you! Don’t feel too special yet though, they’ll also be thrilled to see some favourite toys, and will even reach out to try and grab them!

Rolling front to back (and vice versa) will also be introduced this month, so keep an eye out for some serious mobility to start getting underway!

Check out these helpful links for tips on your 3 month old’s development…

  • Start Talking!
    Talking to your child extensively at this age will help their language development later on, and will increase their vocabulary as well!
  • Touchy Feely Fun!
    Your baby is ready to explore different feelings and sensations, so excourage play with different materials, get lots of skin-to-skin time, and demonstrate “non-visible” sensation as well, like the feeling of a light breeze on their skin!
  • Baby Massage
    In line with the learning of sensations, baby massage is also a great way to help circulation, and bond with your baby as well!
  • Play with Reflection
    As your baby begins to draw conclusions from their surroundings, play with an unbreakable mirror and their reflection can be loads of fun!
  • Playing With Others
    Your baby may start showing desire to interact with others, especially other babies, toddlers, and pets. Be sure to stay close as none of the above know how to safely play with the other just yet!
  • Give it time!
    As your child become more aware of their surroundings, they will also be more picky with who they spend their time with (and won’t just smile at everyone anymore!). When visiting somewhere, or someone new, allow them time to adjust before encouraging interaction.
  • Games
    With more coordination underway, there are a few games you can start playing to help develop those skills even farther!
  • Curiosity
    As your baby grows, they will get more curious. Keep toys that offer of a variety of sounds or sensations at hand if you don’t want your child resorting to Mom and Dad’s things!
  • Teething Tips
    Your baby can cut their first teeth as early as 3 months, so get yourself prepared with this tips and make it as painless as possible…for both of you!

Share with us, what your little one is loving. The favourite toy for my little man was a fisher price piano play mat, he LOVED kicking it!