You made it Mama! You survived the first year with your little one, and came out on the other side with only minor injuries…congrats!

By now your child is sleeping way more than 2 hours at a time (thank goodness!), so you’re starting to feel like a human being once again! With that said, during the hours your little one is awake, they are a going concern!

Your baby will most likely be taking their first steps flying solo this month, so be ready with the camera! If they don’t, not to worry, they’ll be up and running before you know it!

You’ll notice your child starting to explore new forms of play as well, and toys and games will even manage to keep their attention for upwards of 5 minutes!

Check out these helpful links for tips on encouraging and supporting your child’s development at 12 months old!

  • Bedtime Routines
    A set bedtime routine becomes increasingly important as your child becomes more independent and starts to battle things like nap and bedtime!
  • Using A Spoon
    Your toddler will no doubt be showing signs they want to feed themselves, so be prepared for a little more mess than usual as they develop these skills.
  • Bring On The Babysitters
    Now that your little one is more mobile, you may feel more comfortable leaving them with a babysitter for the evening! It’s important to help your child adjust to the new caregiver before heading out the door, as they have been struggling with separation anxiety for the last few months.
  • Allergies
    If allergies run in your family, be sure to have your child tested as they begin to experiment with new foods. Stay away from these foods in particular if you have concerns.
  • Talking and Interaction
    Your child is probably speaking in their own language with a few words you recognize thrown in for good measure, but can understand more than you think! Practice asking your child simple questions to develop their understanding (such as “Where is your mouth?”, or “Where are the blocks?”) while they work on being able to reply back with words.
  • Manners
    This is also a good time to start introducing proper manners like “Please” and “Thank You” into your child’s vocabulary.
  • Start giving them options
    This is a good time to start giving your child options, such as “Would you like to play with your rings, or your blocks?”. Setting your child up to be able to feel comfortable in decision making is a key part of their development down the road!
  • Reading
    As your child is able to understand more words and interpret images, you can start introducing more complicated stories into your reading routine!
  • Games and Activities
    Try some of these games and activities with your 12 month old to exercise all of their new found skills!
  • Nursery Rhymes
    Nursery Rhymes are a great way to introduce your child to songs, and how language and rhyming can come together to create music!


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