Here we are, the home stretch…you almost have a one year old!

At 11 months, your little one is becoming more and more independent with each passing minute, and is letting you know in every move they make!

While some “expressions” of independence can be less than ideal, some are very welcome! You may notice your baby lifting their legs and arms to help you in getting them dressed, feeding themselves, and your child may also be able to drink by themselves from a cup as well!

Your baby will no doubt be chatting up a storm at this point, and despite the fact that most of what they say is still jibberish, you’ll love every conversation you have with them!

Check out some of these helpful links for tips on supporting your child’s development!

  • Why You Shouldn’t Walk Your Baby!
    This article is an interesting take on why you shouldn’t hold your baby’s hands and walk them around, but let them learn to do it on their own instead!
  • Skipping the sippy cup
    When your child is showing interest in drinking on their own, you may want to consider skipping the sippy cup altogether!
  • Make reading an important part of your daily routine!
    As your child becomes more involved in story time, reading becomes an increasingly important part of their mental development.
  • Security Blankets and Stuffed Animals
    Your child has no doubt found a particular item that is their favourite, and keeps it with them wherever they go. Here’s why transitional objects are so helpful at this age!
  • Parallel Play
    You might notice your child playing not with other children/siblings, but alongside them and independently. They are right on track, and will continue this type of play well into their toddler years.
  • Start Setting Boundaries
    Your little one now has more understanding of what you are asking, and may purposely choose to ignore you at this point. It’s important to set boundaries at a young age, and here are some great tips on how to do that!
  • Hold back on “No”!
    Try finding other ways to correct your child’s behaviour rather than saying “No”. This will give “No” more weight when it is only used for serious/dangerous situations, and get their attention more quickly.
  • Finger Foods
    Here are some great suggestions of finger foods for your almost one-year-old!
  • Nursery Rhymes
    Nursery Rhymes get even more fun as your child gets older and more involved every time you say them!
  • Fun Ways To Encourage Talking
    These are some great tips on how to encourage your child to start talking! Soon they will be learning new words every day and talking up a storm!

Enjoy your 11 month old baby! Has your baby got a favourite bedtime story?  Which one do you love to read to them?



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