You don’t need to expose yourself to risky UV rays anymore to get a gorgeous bronze glow. Fake tans have improved immensely in recent years, and whether you fake it at home or get a professional spray tan, you can get a natural looking tan. But how to get the best tan and make it last? 

  1. Call in the professionals. Whether you go for a fake tan from a bottle, or a spray tan, a beautician will be able to get a brilliant finish to your tan. You could try using a deals app and searching for ‘spray tans near me’ to find the best price for the best service. 
  2. Before applying a fake tan, make sure your exfoliate your whole body. This gives a smooth starting surface and stops the tan from clinging to any dry bits. For the face, choose an oil free scrub. For the body, scrub with a loofah or exfoliating gloves tos buff off any dead skin. Moisturise afterwards. 
  3. Add extra hydration to dry areas. Dry spots like knees and elbows can soak up more tan, and end up looking orange. Before applying a fake tan, cover these areas with a thick layer of a richly hydrating moisturiser. 
  4. If you’re putting the tan on yourself, make sure you use a self-tan mitt. These will stop the tan clinging to your hands and dying your palms orange. A mitt helps the tan to go on smoothly, without streaks. Apply in long strokes for an even coverage. 
  5. If you can’t bear standing around waiting for your tan to dry, gently dry the tan with the cool setting on your hair dryer. This dries the tan sooner and sets it to work quicker. 
  6. Save yourself from orange hands by wiping off your palms with an oil-free makeup wipe. Go over your toes and cuticles too to prevent staining there too. 
  7. If the product you’ve used needs to be rinsed off after application, use warm, not hot water. Pat dry instead of rubbing with a towel to avoid smudging your new glow straight off again. 
  8. Top up a fading tan by using a bronzer. Dust it over where you would catch the sun naturally, such as over your collar bones or down your nose. This will help your tan to fade in a way that looks natural. 
  9. If you’re planning any hair removal, whether shaving or waxing, do it twenty-four hours before applying your fake tan. This gives the skin to calm down and begin to heal. Definitely don’t get waxed just after a fake tan. The wax will lift off the tan immediately! 
  10. If you’re at home to apply your tan, have a shower before hand to clean off any oils, and then blast your skin with cold water. This causes the pores to close, reducing the risk of them getting blocked as you tan. 
  11. Try a few different formulas of tan to find the kind that works for you best. Different skin types may do better with mouse, cream, spray or oil. Keep trying until to find what suits your skin best and delivers the results you’re looking for. 
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