Heaven help you if you put your phone down out of reach as you settle in for a feeding session.  With so many great apps, it’s a great tool to help you adjust to your new role as a mum.

I’m a bit of a tech nerd and one of my mums group suggested I shared some of the apps that I have used or am using on the blog, so here goes….

Here’s a few of my favourites:

  1. Baby Connect – this app tracks everything.  It literally may become your brain in the early days.  Now you can go as hardcore as you like tracking every second of your new babies day or you can use it to remember which boob you need to start on next time and track feeds.  I found I used it for different things at different times – it’s handy to know when your baby last had a dirty nappy when they stop pooing at every change and start going once a day or week.  It’s handy to work out how much sleep they’re getting if thats what you’re focused on at any point in time.  You can also add carers so you are all on the same page – my partner loved it, because he could check in on the way home from work and see how hectic the cluster feeding was and if he needed to come armed with extra chocolate and a hug!
  2. Tinybeans – This one is great to keep all the relatives happy.  It’s a daily photo diary that automatically emails a select group of people you choose.  It saves on the baby spam on social media and stops grandparents calling begging for another picture.  It even lets you upload video so Grandma can watch the cute baby coo’s, smiles and giggles as many time as she likes and show all her friends.  It’s really cool to be able to look back and see all of those little changes each day and marvel how they got so big so fast.
  3. My Baby Today  – BabyCentre – it was a great forum while pregnant and becomes a handy tool for tips on how to entertain your bundle of joy.  It will keep you up to date with how your baby is developing and what to expect, which is handy really since being a first time mum is full of conflicting advice that can make the best mum in the world doubt herself on occassion.
  4. The wonder weeks –  An app to warn you when your baby may be coming into a fussy period.  Really interesting to check in on when you’re not sure why your little one is clingy or upset or something else you can’t put your finger on.  It’s been spot on that we’ve been in a developmental leap and is a great piece of mind, that it’s Ok and “this too shall pass”  The app is good and has a lot of information, if you want more, get the book!
  5. Baby Karaoke – this one is nursery rhymes and baby songs, with the words.  Handy when you are walking around the house singing the same flipping song on repeat and you know the words are wrong.  Also super handy to calm a screaming child in the car, the songs are animated and I have seen it work a charm on nieces, nephews and my own boy.  Seriously try it!
  6. Feedsafe – a timer that helps you keep track of when it’s safe to breastfeed your baby after a cheeky alcoholic tipple.
  7. Annabel Karmel – nothing to do here until your baby is on solids, but her app is full of recipes and ideas on what to feed your baby.  Trust me on this, when you are sleep deprived and you’re trying to think of what nutritious goodness you can feed your baby for the next meal, this is a great one!
  8. Fisher Price Baby Shapes – Really cute and handy to pull out when you need to wait for something and entertain your baby.  My boy loved this around 10 months.  It’s really cute and you can play it with the sound off and he still likes it.  Fisher Price has a bunch of apps, I’ve not tried them all but am interested to check them out as the novelty wears off the current fav.
  9. Play kids – downloadable kids TV shows, really handy if you are travelling or to airplay to the TV.
  10. Relax M – white noise and other soothing sounds.
  11. Torch – any of the torch apps will do, but it’s a good way to sneak into a dark bedroom to check on your sleeping bambino

This is our own opinion, we’ve not been asked to review any of these apps.

Some great apps from other mums and that we’ve thought to include since the original publication..

12. Baby Play – For mums and Bubs – some great tips on this site
13. Save the Date to Vaccinate – Suggested by Mona, so handy to stay informed and better understand vaccinations.
14. iView – Great for watching shows from ABC kids on your schedule, on the go or to airplay if you have rubbish reception
15. Spotify – Fabulous for creating playlists to suit your babies mood – ie sleep music or play music.  Another great suggestion from Mona
16. Youtube – Love this for shows on the go – it saved us on a recent road trip! Take a look at baby einstein or Justine Clarke as a starter. Also great for watching some interesting parenting videos and TED talks.

Let us know if you have a favourite apps, we’re always on the look out for new apps to try!

Thanks for sharing and thanks for reading 🙂