Parenthood is far from something you can ever really prepare yourself for! However, knowing these key things before your little bundle arrives will at least help you skip past a few of the bumps amidst the mountains!

  • How To Calm A Crying Baby
    Calming a baby starts with understanding why they are crying to begin with! Learn the 12 main reasons a newborn cries, and how to help!
  • How To Swaddle Your Baby
    Swaddling your baby helps limit their movement while they sleep, allowing them to sleep deeper, and longer!
  • How To Help Engorged Breasts
    Whether you’re body is too gung-ho about nursing, or you’ve decided not to but your body didn’t get the memo, engorged breasts are not something you want to experience. Give this a read for details on what engorgement is, and what to do if you have engorged breasts.
  • How To Bathe Your Baby
    While it can seem like a simple task, everything with a newborn has it’s own rules, so make sure you give this one a quick read before baby’s first bathtime!
  • What Your Baby’s Poop Says About Their Health
    Without a vocabulary to explain what they are feeling, their likes and dislikes, it’s crucial to know what an unusual colour in their nappy could be saying about your baby’s internal health.
  • How To Treat Cradle Cap
    Cradle cap typically can be seen in babies and small children, and is basically when the skin on your child’s head is growing in faster than it is “shedding”, which creates a scaly looking build up of dry skin. Treatment is simple when you get it early, so give this one a read for the details!
  • How To Cope With Sleep Deprivation
    Sleep deprivation, although made out to be by many, is no joke! Make sure you have some of these tips in your back pocket for when you need them most…or better yet, post them on your fridge! You’ll barely be able to remember your name, let alone a list of tips!
  • Best Foods To Eat While Breastfeeding
    You’ll need to eat more calories than usual if you are breastfeeding, but they shouldn’t be empty calories. Check out these 10 Easy and Nutritious Breastfeeding meals to help boost your health and keep your energy up!
  • Setting Boundaries With Family
    Everyone will be excited to see your new addition, but that doesn’t mean their excitement gets them a free pass into your home every day of the week! Knowing how to set boundaries and arrange visits strategically so they get to meet your little bundle, and you still get to enjoy some uninterrupted quiet time with baby, can be a make or break for new moms!
  • What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag
    Each of us will have our own personal favourites that we want to have with us in the hospital when baby arrives, but this list of 10 must-haves will make sure that you don’t forget something most people end up wanting!

If you were anything like me, you read the books right up to the bit about birthing your baby!  Along our blogging journey we’ve included some articles on baby sleep and awake times at different ages and roundups on sleep and routines as well.

We love to here from you, what do you wish you knew more about before your baby arrived?