Your 10 month old now has what seems like superhuman strength compared to just a few short months ago. They can crawl, sit steadily, and even pull themselves up to standing using pieces of furniture!

Walking is most likely just around the corner so get your running shoes on, because once they get moving, they are fast!

As your baby’s physical developments shine through, so will their blooming personality! You will begin to see more and more of your child expressing what they like, and what they really don’t!

Check out some of these helpful links for tips on supporting your child’s continued development!

  • Pull To Stand Tips
    If your child is crawling, and can sit steadily, it is a great time to encourage them to pull up into a standing position, and start exploring what it would be like to walk!
  • Nutrios
    Babies can be introduced to this great beginner snack once you notice they are able to sit upright steadily, and effectively pick up items using the “pincer grasp”.
  • Pincer Grasp?
    Use some of these tips to help your child develop the “pincer grasp” (ability to grab small items with their thumb and pointer finger).
  • Fears and Phobias
    Baby may actually start developing certain fears or phobias of things that never bothered them before. This is all part of their newly budding personality…here’s how to handle it!
  • Teaching Baby To Talk
    Keep on encouraging your baby to try new sounds, and maybe even put them together!
  • Ditch The Baby Talk!
    While it’s fun and tempting to do for as long as possible, it’s important that you use proper language with your baby if you want them to develop speech at a young age.
  • Nursery Rhymes
    This is a great age to break out the nursery rhymes you know and love! The sing-song rhythm and rhyming is perfect for your curious little baby!
  • Separation Anxiety Tips
    Separation Anxiety is at it’s peak right now, so try some of these tips to help ease the stress of it, for you, and your baby!
  • Game Time!
    Try some of these games out with your baby (great for 9-12 months old).
  • Sleep Basics
    At a time when it seems your child is developing several new skills every minute, it’s important to ensure they are getting enough sleep in order to support their body in all this new growth!

What’s your little one up too?  Have you started thinking about their first birthday?


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