For many women, there is no greater blessing and miracle than becoming a mum. They say nothing in this life worth having comes without a great deal of effort. In some cases, the efforts you put are nothing compared to how much you get and that’s something every mum knows. But, when speaking about day-to-day activities of a new mum, the fact is — things can get hard.

Putting yourself in a new role and getting to know this little creature who is all of a sudden inextricably tied to you can be a little overwhelming, to say the least. Becoming a mum often means goodbye normal sleep patterns and afternoon naps, hello baby feeding time every two or three hours. It also means less time for your social life, at least in the first couple of months. Not to mention the whirlwind of emotional states that most new mums face, such as irrational fear and outbursts of anger.

So, what to do when you find yourself in this scary and exciting new position? The best advice is to relax and embrace the hidden virtue the nature gave you. Slowly but surely, things will fall into place. In the meantime, here is a great tip that will serve you not only in your mothering role, but will also help you cope with other life situations that require energy, concentration, body fitness and serenity – 10 delicious smoothie recipes.

Quick, Easy-to-Make and Super Delicious and Nutritious

10 Smoothies for Different Occasions

Lack of time is one of the biggest challenges of having a newborn baby in the house. In these first couple of months, elaborate food preparation is not on your list of priorities.When it comes to cooking, keeping it simple is one thing but skipping breakfast is highly unhealthy and not recommended especially after giving birth. Smoothies can be made quickly and easily, so make sure to start your day with one invigorating smoothie.

Smoothies are also a great way to keep your body light and healthy. Taking care of your nutrition is important not only because you want to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight which, let’s face it, is the biggest goal of every modern mum, but also for breastfeeding when you want your baby to get all the vitamins and nutritive ingredients in order to develop a strong immune system. Smoothies based on green tea, cinnamon and honey will help you in both cases.

Moving on to energy and brain focus, you’ll be needing them a lot in the upcoming days so consider rich ingredients intake such as chia seeds, pomegranate, kale which is rich in vitamins, and spinach which has a high level of iron. What better and easier way to take them, than to blend them in a smoothie?

Smoothies Help You Catch Up On Fun

Healthy diet doesn’t have to be all about veggies and fruits. From time to time, you can treat yourself and sweeten up your smoothie with adding some chocolate flavour to it. In the end, you’re a mum now so you have a pretty good excuse for indulging yourself from time to time. And who said chocolate isn’t healthy? Few teaspoons of cacao powder will raise the serotonin level in your brain and lift up your mood in all those moments when you’re feeling blue and drained.

Babies grow really fast. Soon enough, they will stop eating breast milk and infant formula and switch to baby food. Smoothies can be a great way to teach them healthy eating habits. For example, a combination of peanut butter, milk and bananas all in one recipe is something even grown-ups find hard to resist.

In the end, it is good to remember that aside from being a mum, you are still your own, normal person who enjoys activities such as dinner with friends, partying and traveling. Not that you can engage in all of these with the same frequency as you used to, but sometimes you need a time-out from being a caregiver. Maybe you can’t go to a party, but you can organise a get-together with friends and prepare homemade smoothie drinks. Traveling to far places will probably have to wait but you can evoke the tropical paradise atmosphere by putting on some nice music and pouring yourself a glass of smoothie based on medjool dates and fresh figs to get you in the mood.

There are so many amazing moments that come with motherhood. On the other hand, there is no special guide or instruction book on how to be a good mum. It is something you learn along the way. Hopefully these recipes will help you out and bring some practicality to your journey.

 Do you have a favourite smoothie?  Let us know the recipe in the comments x

Guest post submitted by Valeria Brown x