Tired new mum

Seriously…. not another mummy blogger….

In all seriousness, I am laughing quietly to myself as I begin to type out the very first of my mum specific blogs.  I blog with another business and for other people and I swore – even joked that I would never be a mummy blogger…. until I gave birth to my little boy.

Suddenly things changes as I was hurtled head first into this crazy world of motherhood.  A world where I was no longer in control, when trying to get information was tiring on top of being tired.  It seemed there was so much information – most of it conflicting.  I mean seriously, with thousands of babies being born each day, how has no one got a manual for this yet.  It can’t be that hard…. can it?

It’s not that the information isn’t out there, it’s that it’s out there in a zillion places and even trying to find it all means that you’ve latched baby on for a feed, started searching and boom…. times up and where did you get… not far right.

My intention for New Mum Tips is to be just that, a central spot that collates some of the best articles available and hosts them all in one place.  This will hopefully simplify the early days of navigating motherhood online by saving you time as you get to one central location and can take a look at whatever it is you need to know today!

As I (and a bunch of mum friends and soon you possibly) have found things that work, or have been given a gem of a hot tip from our own mums or mum in laws, we’re working to capture them in one spot, here.

Not everything that works on one baby works on another – we know that.  We’re just aiming to help you build the toolbox of what might work if your baby is going through witching hour from 4pm – 11pm, has cradle cap and looks all scabby, refuses to sleep – in the cot, pram, car and will only sleep on you, is waking you up every 2 hours, is feeding for 8 hours a day. How to entertain this tiny bundle at different stages of development, words to nursery rhymes that you thought you would never forget but as a new mum find yourself making up the words to a random tune that may or may not be twinkle twinkle little star.   Everyone together to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star “Theres a song that goes like this, please stop crying, I don’t know what’s wrong.  I’ve fed you up and I’ve cleaned your bum, you’re not too warm and you’re not too cold. Please stop crying my baby, I’m just doing the best I can”

Enjoy the blog, the tips and if you find something that works for you, we’d love you to share it.

It takes a village to raise a child, sometimes it takes a virtual village of other mums who genuinely want to make life as a new mum just a little bit easier.


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