Unexpected stresses of a first-time mum

Unexpected stresses of a first-time mum

New born stress

Ok, so we all presume when we fall pregnant that things are going to change. It’s not like we anticipate that our Friday nights in Paddington are going to continue, so long as we can find a baby Bjorn that matches our outfit. No – we are realists.

We expect:

  • The crying will be hard to take
  • The sleep deprivation will make life hard
  • We’ll be worried that everything is a health issue in our newborn (surely all this hiccuping is going to kill her??!!!)

But here are a few things you might not have been prepared for. A few things that set my stress meter readings on high alert.

 The late doctor

You’ve timed it perfectly. You arrive at the surgery with baby fed, changed, and her “awake” time coincides exactly with your appointment. You freaking ROCK, sista. But your scheduled time comes and goes, and you’re window of contented-babydom is closing. And closing. And with that one loud pissed-off roar, you know it’s gone.

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