Clean Eating – Banana Ice-Cream

Hands up if you love ice-cream?

My little man loves it, the challenge to find something he thinks is better than the real deal with none of the sugar, preservatives and other rubbish so it becomes a guilt free – even healthy treat.  This is a total winner and so easy!

To make a speedy batch of Banana Ice-cream you’ll need:

  • Frozen Banana
  • Yoghurt or milk
  • Optional Flavours: Cinnamon, vanilla, cacao, fruits, sultanas, nuts – if you’re little person can handle them.This has got to be the quickest easiest go to treat in our house / caravan this summer!


Chuck it all in your blender and whiz it up.  We’re travelling on the road at the moment so I’m using the Tuppaware smooth chopper, which is awesome if you’re a Thermomix lover and travelling off the grid.  I picked this up when we started free camping and being off power on our trip around Australia to make smoothies – it’s the bomb!


Keep bits of banana in your freezer so you’ll always have it on hand.  I tend to add the half eaten left over bits straight to a tub in the freezer which saves it being wasted (no one likes manky brown banana)

Add any toppings to mix it up, I like shredded coconut! I make a double serve to share, it’s a delish arvo treat on a hot day.

Viola – that’s it – no nasties.  Full of goodness which makes for a happy kid and happier mum.


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Shona Mackin is a mum to a little boy and massive Bernese Mountain Dog fur baby. In her previous (and current) life, she is the owner of social media agency socialface. As a serial entrepreneur, she aimed to design her businesses to do what she wanted, when she wanted… at least thats what she thought, until she found out her babies had a better plan. Thankfully her former former life as a dancer gave her oodles of flexibility and determination to roll with whatever each new day throws her way… sometimes… other days coffee helps in the morning and wine in the evening or a time out in a hot shower to block out the noise.
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