2 month old baby milestones and activities

Congratulations Mama, you’ve survived the first 60 days of motherhood, and your baby is 2 months old!

You’re exhausted, overwhelmed, and haven’t showered in days…but that’s ok, because baby’s doing great!

By now your little one is probably getting more interested in complex designs and textures, beyond just simple shapes or singular colors. They are also able to differentiate familiar voices from other sounds, and are probably looking around to see where they are coming from as well!

Your baby is probably making you a little nervous with new kicking leg movements and trying to push off the floor with their legs during tummy time! Don’t worry though, crawling is still a ways off!

Some helpful links, and things to consider, at two months old…

  • Tummy Time is still important!
    Tummy time is a huge strength builder, so there should be no shortage of practice for your little one!
  • Bedtime Routine
    Start keeping a set bedtime routine to create a stress-free, reliable environment for your child to rest in.
  • Introduce new objects
    Now that your baby is recognizing new shapes and colors, share some new objects with them like colorful soft toys, or even fun shaped plastic cookie cutters!
  • Bonding Time
    Both parents should be getting their fair share of bonding time now that your little one is beginning to recognize who’s who! So take turns with baths, feeding, bedtime, etc. and give each other a break from time to time as well!
  • Drool Alert!
    Your child is tasting and exploring new objects with their mouth, meaning they are probably producing more drool that they can possibly swallow! So throw on a bib and let them enjoy!
  • Change Table Safety
    At this stage your baby is probably able to roll onto their sides, so make sure you keep one hand on baby when using the change table!
  • It’s never too early for reading!
    Reading to your baby, using different tones of voice, or even accents, will help in language development and comprehension later on!

Share what your baby is up to in the comments, have they smiled at you?

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Shona Mackin is a mum to a little boy and massive Bernese Mountain Dog fur baby. In her previous (and current) life, she is the owner of social media agency socialface. As a serial entrepreneur, she aimed to design her businesses to do what she wanted, when she wanted… at least thats what she thought, until she found out her babies had a better plan. Thankfully her former former life as a dancer gave her oodles of flexibility and determination to roll with whatever each new day throws her way… sometimes… other days coffee helps in the morning and wine in the evening or a time out in a hot shower to block out the noise.
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